Not too long ago a high profile executive of a financial institution said to me, “Identity theft! That happened to me, I called the credit card company and they took the charge off my account, it wasn’t a big deal.”

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Visa gives payment services provider the green light following 2008 megabreach

Heartland Payment Systems, which exposed the personal information of millions of credit card customers in a major data breach last year, has been given its PCI compliance back.

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The number, scale and sophistication of data breaches fueled by hackers last year is rekindling the debate over the efficacy of the credit card industry’s security standards for safeguarding customer data.

All merchants that handle credit and debit card data are required to show that they have met the payment card industry data security standards (PCI DSS), a set of technical and operational requirements designed to safeguard cardholder information from theft or unauthorized access.

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