Laut Wolfgang Schäuble macht die Entwicklung der Informationstechnik weitere Schritte zusätzlich zum BSI-Gesetz notwendig. In den USA etwa sei ein Milliardenbudget für Cybersecurity geplant, und es werde erwogen, einen Internetnotstand ausrufen zu können.

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Richard Power looks at the big picture and how security must move forward

The moment is a profound one.

A new administration is in the process of taking over the reins of the vast realm of the U.S. federal government. The nation is confronted with serious threats both global and domestic: economic and financial crisis, terrorism, nuclear proliferation, organized crime, climate change and even potential pandemics.

And then there is ever-broader scope of cyber-related risks and threats, significant on its own, and exponentially significant when interwoven with all of the others, as it is well on its way to becoming.

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