A corporate-espionage case in which an executive from electronics manufacturer, AMX Corp, broke into the e-mail system of the marketing firm working for a competitor Crestron Electronics to steal sensitive business information has rocked that industry.,

David Goldenberg, a resident of Long Island and former vice president in the New York-area office of Richardson, Texas.-based AMX Corp., pled guilty this week in a New Jersey courtroom to felony wiretapping in connection with illegally accessing the internal e-mail at Crestron’s sales and marketing firm, Sapphire Marketing, based in Woodcliff Hills, N.J.

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Study also produces sensitive data from Ford Motor, Laura Ashley, and other businesses

For the fourth straight year, researchers at the University of Glamorgan in Scotland have turned up surprisingly sensitive data — including details of test-launch procedures for a U.S. defense missile — by buying secondhand PCs.

Although the official data from this year’s study has not yet been released, the research team, which included Edith Cowan University of Australia and BT, revealed some early results yesterday in news reports by the BBC and British television affiliates.

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With more than two decades of security audits under his belt, Networks Unlimited President Harry Segal has seen it all. Here are the most common violations he encounters.

1. Users sending confidential files to their personal e-mail addresses. Oftentimes, employees will forward sensitive documents to their Hotmail or Gmail accounts so they can work on the files from home. However, more often than not, they use unsecured methods rather the company’s VPN.

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Vodpod videos no longer available.
Have you ever wondered whether that unfamiliar face in the office is actually an intruder about to steal your data? Probably not, but maybe it is time to think again.

At one FTSE-listed financial institution the managing director himself opened the door to a stranger who, within 20 minutes of gaining entry to the building, had found a highly sensitive document outlining a half a billion pound merger lying on a desk.

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