A soon-to-be released ethical hacking report finds 60 percent of organizations budget for penetration testing

Call it realism, or call it pessimism, but most organizations today are resigned to getting hacked. In fact, a full 94 percent expect to suffer a successful breach in the next 12 months, according to a new study on ethical hacking to be released by British Telecom (BT) later this week.

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While sensational data breaches experienced by big-box retailers and processors fill the headlines, 85 percent of reported data compromises involve small merchants – defined as Level 4 by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS). More than 6 million small merchants are doing business in North America; fewer than 5 percent have attested to compliance with the PCI DSS.

These are potentially costly statistics for acquirers, who ultimately shoulder the monetary burden should their merchants experience breaches.

Beyond their abundance, Level 4 merchants carry unique challenges. Acquirers can reduce their overall risk and dramatically improve compliance rates among these merchants by overcoming four often-overlooked pitfalls when designing their PCI compliance programs.

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Outpost24 receives a warm welcome from Romania’s Business Adviser magazine, which publishes reviews on news, surveys, markets and business opportunities in Romania.

In a recent article titled “From economic crisis to data security”, Business Adviser Romania covers some of the most recent examples of exploited vulnerabilities and uses statistics and facts from reputable studies to show an increase in cyber crime over the last few years. It’s no secret that cyber crime is on the rise, not just in Romania but all over the world.

Cecilia Caragea, Editor and Author of the article, stated that these days it is necessary to complement current security measures with automated scanning for vulnerabilities to stay in line with legislation and compliance standards. This is why Outpost24’s move into Romania has come at a perfect time.

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