The security gaps in cloud computing demand greater scrutiny than traditional IT outsourcing models, a new Forrester report says.

With traditional outsourcing models, a customer places its own servers in someone else’s data center, or a service provider manages devices dedicated to that customer. But multi-tenancy rules the day in cloud computing, and customers may not know where their data is stored or how it’s replicated, Forrester analyst Chenxi Wang writes in a report titled “How secure is your cloud?

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More than 62 percent of companies experienced a security breach in the last twelve months due to insecure software, a survey conducted by Forrester has revealed.

Forrester’s “Application Risk Management in Business Survey” research, commissioned by application risk management platform supplier Veracode, surveyed more than 200 respondents from 180 different businesses across various industry sectors. Development, security and risk professionals across the UK and US were interviewed.

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Small businesses are chief laggards in deploying data leakage protection technology, researchers say
Despite recent headlines and instances of insider attacks, many companies still are not acting to protect themselves from insider threats, according to two new analyst reports.

Forrester Research earlier this week published a study called “Data Security Challenges and Technology Adoption in 2008,” which offers a detailed look at enterprises’ attitudes about security and the deployment of next-generation security technologies.

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