Laut einem FAA-Bericht hätten die Einbrecher die Stromversorgung der Server abschalten können. Schuld soll der Umstieg auf IP-basierte Netze und der Einsatz kommerzieller Software sein.

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A soon-to-be released ethical hacking report finds 60 percent of organizations budget for penetration testing

Call it realism, or call it pessimism, but most organizations today are resigned to getting hacked. In fact, a full 94 percent expect to suffer a successful breach in the next 12 months, according to a new study on ethical hacking to be released by British Telecom (BT) later this week.

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Officials at Twitter confirmed media reports that a hacker gained administrative access to the service and used it to view details of multiple accounts. It is the second time this year an attacker has gained administrative access by obtaining a Twitter employee’s password, and follows a wave of worm attacks against the service a few weeks ago.

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