Outpost24 AB, der Technologieführer in On-Demand Schwachstellen Management Lösungen, unterstützt den Lehrauftrag von Hochschulen mit kostenfreier Lizenz.

Mit der kostenfreien Lizenz für Hochschulen bietet Outpost24 den Hochschulen die Möglichkeit, sich noch besser im Bereich proaktive IT Sicherheit aufzustellen und ihren Studenten/innen direkte Einblicke in die führende Technologie in diesem Segment präsentieren zu können.

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The Swedish IT security company Outpost24 emphasizes the scale of ecrime, by stating that it is already bigger than the international drug trade.

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Outpost24 receives a warm welcome from Romania’s Business Adviser magazine, which publishes reviews on news, surveys, markets and business opportunities in Romania.

In a recent article titled “From economic crisis to data security”, Business Adviser Romania covers some of the most recent examples of exploited vulnerabilities and uses statistics and facts from reputable studies to show an increase in cyber crime over the last few years. It’s no secret that cyber crime is on the rise, not just in Romania but all over the world.

Cecilia Caragea, Editor and Author of the article, stated that these days it is necessary to complement current security measures with automated scanning for vulnerabilities to stay in line with legislation and compliance standards. This is why Outpost24’s move into Romania has come at a perfect time.

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Outpost24, the Technology Leader in On-Demand Vulnerability Management solutions, today announced that it has opened a new office in Argentina. Outpost24’s expansion into the second largest country in South America will allow the company to meet the demands of this quickly growing market and better serve its Argentinean customer base with Vulnerability Assessment and Management solutions.