Former CISO and Symantec strategic consulting director Ariel Silverstone goes through PCI DSS line by line and offers suggestions to make it more effective

There’s no doubt that the mere existence of a uniform policy — adopted, recommended and even mandated by such firm rivals as American Express, Visa and MasterCard — is a huge step forward.

Before the existence of PCI DSS, it was hard to find two banks that agreed on the same standards, or a merchant that could comply with (at times contradictory) requirements by the major payment industry players.

PCI does make things better, easier, and more understandable. Unfortunately, as is commonly the case on these electronic shores, it does the minimum needed — and sometimes not even that — in its approach.

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Visa gives payment services provider the green light following 2008 megabreach

Heartland Payment Systems, which exposed the personal information of millions of credit card customers in a major data breach last year, has been given its PCI compliance back.

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